Origin: Polish variety, protected, origin Biełoruskaja Słodkaja x Ben Lomond. Variety bred by Institute of Pomology and Floriculture in Skierniewice.
Shrub: Shrubs with an average power of growth, sublime habit with tendency to spread under the weight of fruit. Shoots of medium thickness, average number at the base of the shrub. Combine harvesting posible
Fruit: Medium-sized and large, high processing suitability (high extract, ascorbic acid and anthocyanins). Grapes not very long single or a few.
Maturity: Mid season ripening variety, fruit ripens at a similar tima as variety Ben Lomond
Sensitivity to frost: Plants are resistant to frost
Susceptibility to diseases: Variety is characterized by high, field resistance to powdery mildew and white pine blister rust, and the average susceptibility to leaf drop
Usefulness of the variety: ‘Ruben’ is a valuable new blackcurrant variety, the fruit is suitable for processing and freezing. Due to the high yield and resistance of plants to fungal diseases of leaves and stems can be recommended for traditional commodity crops, integrated production and amateur production.