Origin: Polish variety, protected, origin Titania x self pollination. Variety bred by Institute of Pomology and Floriculture in Skierniewice.
Shrub: Growing quite strongly (less than the variety ‘Titania’). Upright habit, dense, with a tendency to thicken up and break down. Shoots sprouting from the root crown are long, numerous, with a strong anthocyanin color. Buds of medium size, slightly elongated, protruding from the shoot. Leaves of medium size, light green, with a marked central flap.
Fruit: Medium-sized and large. Grapes short and moderate length.
Maturity: An early variety. Beginning of July. Yielding plentiful and regular.
Sensitivity to frost: Small
Susceptibility to diseases: Powdery mildew – small, leaf drop – medium, white pine blister rust – small
Usefulness of the variety: Suitability for planting commodity especially on poorer soils. Suitable for various dairy and juices. Suitable for processing. Variety adapted to combine harvest, also recommended for growing in home gardens and allotments.