Ben Finlay

Available for sale since 2014.
Resistant to gall mite!!!

01. Origin

Scottish Variety, origin [(SCRI P10/9/13 x Ben Alder) x EM B1834-67].

Bred in SCRi

02. Fruit

Fruit of Ben Finlay is high in vitamin C, with mean levels in the extracted juice above 200 mg/100ml.

Acidity is generally high, and the anthocyanin content is higher then in juice of Ben Hope.

Average berry size is 1,16 g.

03. Maturity

A variety of mid early season ripening, fruit ripens 7 days earlier than the variety Ben Hope.

The fruit hangs on the bushes for over 1 week when ripe.

04. Shrub

The bush is fairly compact in the early age, becoming more spreading with age.

Ben Finlay requires good soil conditions to develop to its full potential

05. Sensitivity to frost


06. Susceptibility to diseases

Cultivar is characterized by resistance to Gall Mite and American gooseberry mildew and shows some resistance to leafspot.

07. Usefulness of the variety

Fruit can be used as fresh, as dessert or for processing, the production of concentrate, frozen foods and other products.

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