Ben Hope

01. Origin

Scottish Variety, origin Westra x (SCRI 238/6 x EM 21/15).

Bred in SCRI in 1997

02. Fruit

Fruit medium-sized, evenly ripened in clusters, not flake off prematurely.

High-value for processing

03. Maturity

Variety medium early – mid July.

Yields well and regularly

04. Shrub

The bush grows moderately strong.

Upright habit, compact.

Shoots fairly rigid, numerous, grows at the base of the shrub.

Leaves of medium size and small, green, with explicit middle flaps.

Bushes meet the requirements for combine harvesting

05. Sensitivity to frost


06. Susceptibility to diseases

The variety is characterized by high, field resistance to powdery mildew and mid resistance to leaf drop and white pine blister rust

07. Usefulness of the variety

Recommended for commodity growing.

Particularly suitable for the production of juices and concentrates

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