Ben Tirran

01. Origin

Scottish variety, bred in SCRi in 1997.

Obtained by the a complex crossing Ben Lomond x [(Seabrook’s Black x Amos Black) x (Seabrook’s Black x Ribes sp)

02. Fruit

Small and medium size, aligned, grapes ripen evenly, when delayed harvest some berries may spill.

Grapes of medium length.

03. Maturity

Very late Variety  – early August

04. Shrub

Grows poorly or moderately.

Compact type.

Leaves medium size to large, light green, side flaps clearly indicated, middle flap elongated

05. Sensitivity to frost

Shrubs bloom very late, which reduces the risk of damage to buds and flowers by spring frosts.

06. Susceptibility to diseases

The variety is characterized by high, field resistance to powdery mildew midle resistance to leaves drop, and high susceptibility to white pine blister rust

07. Usefulness of the variety

Mainly used in processing to produce concentrate and juice.

It is recommended for planting on commodity crops.

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